The Story so Far…

I founded Scruffy Mutt Productions in 2015 as a place to produce and distribute my films that I had made in University and College. Since its founding, I’ve learnt a lot about filmmaking through both academic work and more importantly hands on experience of making films (both my own and other people’s). These experiences have helped me to evolve not only as a filmmaker, but Scruffy Mutt Productions as a company.

I learned it’s not about having the latest and most expensive gear. It’s not about following trends and conforming to mass media methods. It’s about creating great films that tell a story. It’s about creating something beautiful and unique. It’s about following your own instincts or throwing in with all those wonderfully creative people out there and making something awesome.

The core of the Mutt hasn’t changed. It’s still a place for me to distribute my films and a place to produce my own work. But it’s also so much more. Scruffy Mutt Productions is quickly becoming a hub for my other creative outlets.

In 2016 I was tasked with creating a blog to support a University Project. I launched this blog under my own name on a separate site jagwatling.com. As I originally intended that blog to just be something that supported my studies, I was surprised to find myself expanding on it. At first I decided to do a few mini-reviews. I found that I enjoyed writing articles quite a lot so I then added a separate, more personal blog called the Road to Graduation. That blog is about my thoughts, feeling and plans on the run up to finishing my degree. That site will continue to give impartial reviews and create blogs.

2017 saw the founding of Alchemy Lighting & Design. This is a company I’ve created for the sole purpose of providing Lighting services as well as prop and set making services to independent filmmakers and other small production companies. Alchemy came about simply because I found myself working more and more as a Gaffer or Lighting Technician on films so it seemed like a logical step to promote myself in that way. I will carry on working in this area of filmmaking.

Summer 2017 will also see the relaunch of stronger Scruffy Mutt Productions.  Together with Alchemy Lighting & Design and jagwatling.com I will create a multi-faceted Production company that can cater for the filmic needs of Independent Filmmakers, Production Companies, Musicians, Corporations and anyone or anything that might come across our path.

In 2015 I described the Mutt as being in its puppy stages. Well now we’ve grown up.

We are Scruffy Mutt Productions and we are the Mutts Nuts when it comes to making films.

The Scruffy Mutt Family

Alchemy Lighting & Design

Alchemy Lighting & Design is the in house lighting team that not only provides lighting services on film sets put also creates props, sets and tailor made “gadgets” to make films look fantastic. For more information visit their site by clicking on the logo below.


This is a website that contains my personal Blogs and its where I do impartial reviews of anything from films to software to random items. Click the image below to check it out.




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