[Short Film] Se7en in 60 seconds

Week 2 of the relaunch retrospective is the first film I ever made. I’d dabbled in making gaming videos before under the alias of Captain Jack Gumption (A channel that is still live to this day) but never written a script, used a proper video camera (the mighty Canon XM2) or anything to do with live action film.

The film was made for a College Project, the brief was to create a film that followed the guide lines for the  Jameson Empire Done in 60 seconds competition. With that I created a 60 second version of Se7en. This film very rarely gets shown anywhere. Mainly because of my woeful acting (and questionable moustache). I’d like to thank everyone who I worked with on this. Pretty much all of my college cohort such as Jess, Dan, Reece and the rest of them. I’d also like to thank my tutors too, Dean Ayres and Oliver Reeve.

Without further ado here is Se7en: Done in 60 seconds

[Blog] Patreon is Now LIVE!

Over the weekend I set up and launched a Patreon account/page.

For those of who don’t know what Patreon is, it’s kinda like a subscription based Kick Starter. Basically, if someone likes a particular persons work, they can subscribe and donate money to them as an incentive to to carry on making content. These donations start from a US Dollar (80p) per month up to what ever an individual wants to pay.

For me and the various Divisions (Alchemy, JAG)  of Scruffy Mutt, Patreon is a way for us to recoup costs of running the sites, creating tutorials and other day to day costs (like coffee) that quickly add up. In time, Patreon will support my Ad free initiative. I don’t think anyone likes adverts popping up and generally being annoying. For people like me who are just starting up, they’re usually a necessary evil. I need the ad revenue to cover running costs of the website, the domain names and ironically advertising costs.

However, if I can get enough Patreon Subscribers then I don’t have to have any adverts.

As I’ve said, I’d love to run the sites and YouTube Channels without any ads or any begging for money. The Fact is though I’m trying to establish a business and setting up and running costs a lot of money. I endeavour to do everything for as cheap as possible. The Logo’s, site images and sites themselves are all designed and made by myself or by customising existing templates.  I usually spend 4 – 8 hours a day updating articles, creating ideas for new content, editing videos together etc. etc. This is as well as doing work for my studies, working on other peoples films and doing the whole family life thing too.

The idea for Scruffy Mutt Productions was never meant to just be a place to stick my films when they were completed. I didn’t set Alchemy Lighting & Design up to just go from set to set building props and lighting up subjects so they look good. I want to build a business that does that AND shows people how easy it can be to do it themselves. With more and more tutorials and guides coming along, we’re starting to achieve that.

I’ve always been a strong advocate for the idea of most things being Open Source and free. I also love showing people how to do things. I was very much brought up on the idea of “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. So I don’t want to just show you the films that I’ve made and you to like. I want you to go out there and make them yourself, if that’s what you want to do. I want film making to be something you can do with your kids. I want couples to be able to make their own honeymoon videos and holiday videos. I want teenagers to be able to express themselves creatively and not feel they have to join a gang or do drugs just because they want to fit in somewhere.

These ideals are being put into motion now. With the help of Patreon, we can realise these ideals together.

Content Release Update

Over the next few weeks I’ll be releasing a back catalogue of all the films done under the Scruffy Mutt banner (Mainly the University ones). I’ll also be making them public on the Scruffy Mutt YouTube Channel.

This way I can keep a steady stream of posts coming through the site and still focus on getting everything else tip top and ready to roll for the Summer relaunch.

It’s an exciting time at the moment with lots going on. I especially can’t wait for the roll out of the sister company, Alchemy Lighting & Design.


[DOCUMENTARY] Road Trip – One Man’s Dream (2016)



Road Trip – One Man’s Dream is a Documentary I made in my second year for my degree course. It explains the reasons of why I decided to fulfil my life long ambition to go travelling and some of the complications I hit along the way.

University Work, House Move and Other Goings On

Its a busy time for me and the Mutt. I have a number of University projects happening such as an experimental film, a promotional video and a short film this semester as well as a bunch of theory based stuff on genre. I’m also moving house.

Last April I moved back into my dads so I could save some money etc. but now its time to get back out into the big old world of independence (Well co-dependence as I’ll be moving in with the lovely Miss Mutt). Although it means I’ve had to side track a couple of my own projects due to time restrictions, when we’re finally in it will present me with a whole new avenue of things I can do. The house has a lot of room which means I can have my own dedicated office for all my pre-production and editing needs and a workshop outside for all my making things needs, a massive change to say at the moment all of the above has been combined into a small bedroom.

In other news I have got a rough cut of the first episode of my Europe trip. It was a hard choice to decide to make it into episodes but because of the sheer amount of footage I think it will work best this way. The plan is to have each episode 10-15 minutes in length and no more than 10 episodes. Episode one shows the journey me and Miss Mutt took to Paris from home. Even though it needs a little polish I think it really captures the feeling of those few days we had together in such a beautiful city.

That’s all for now, hopefully come December I’ll be able to post something more substantial rather than another update post (No promises though).


Boss Mutt


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, which sort of makes me a feel like a naughty school boy hasn’t done his homework.

I’ll post more on why soon but the long and short of it is I’m currently in the pre-production stages for a 10 minute short film and a promo video.

More when I can tell y’all!

[UPDATE] Europe, Shorts and Progress

This updates been a long time coming really but I haven’t had the time to write it. In my last post, I mention my grand tour around Europe. Although it didn’t quite go to plan (no room at the inn in some of the places in Austria) it was still a brilliant road trip and something I’ll never forget. Miss Mutt and I finely dined in Paris. I cruised along the Furka Pass singing the Bond theme tune in Switzerland. I experienced the wonder that is Eisriesenwelt in Austria and I found out how quickly fuel drains from your car doing a 100mph down the German Autobahn (It took 2 hours to go from a full tank to needing a fuel stop). I also went to Arnhem and saw the bridge that was just too far and Ypres which was a truly humbling place to be.  I’m working on putting the footage together as we speak but with several hours of video its a bit of a mammoth job to say the least. For now enjoy these pictures.


IMG_2576   IMG_2610 IMG_2649  IMG_2742  IMG_2685 IMG_2725 IMG_2690IMG_2536Paris


In other news I’ve been busy working away on a new Sci-Fi Short. Its purpose at the minute is to be my 10 minute short film for University but even if it doesn’t get used for that it’ll definitely be getting made. The the second draft of the script is done and I’ve also put the hours into researching the costumes, back stories for the characters  and what can be done using practical effects such as miniatures as opposed to doing everything using CGI. It’s a project I’ve found myself surprisingly engrossed in and have to admit that (if everything goes according to plan) will turn out to be a pretty good little short film. I’ll post more on this as soon as I’ve got more to show.

Finally, Christmas came early for me this year as I’m now the proud owner of a Panasonic AG-AC90A. As I’m looking to broaden my horizons into other filming avenues (such as live events) I was finding my trusty 700D wasn’t quite cutting it any more. Although it’s still great for getting those beautiful cinematic shots, the fact of the matter is that a DSLR is not designed to do the job of a purpose made video camera. Although I’m not going to go into lots of details now I will be doing an article/video on this in the near future after I’ve tested the new camera out a little more. Thats all for now!