[Stop Motion] Broken

This is the final post for the Road to Relaunch campaign. With my degree completed I’ll soon be starting work full time (few minor complications pending due to health). I finished with a 2:1 altogether, exactly what I wanted.

With all that aside, now for the final film I want to share.

It’s called Broken. It’s an experimental short film inspired by the works of the Brothers Quay. It was made using a technique called Stop Motion, a process that involves taking pictures of an object several times and moving it slightly for each picture.

For this film I enlisted the help of the very talented Cinematographer Rob Moore. Together we managed to create a very stylised short film, that tells the story of how a lamp with a broken bulb goes on a journey to find a new replacement.

[Experimental Short] The Eye Said Cook, So I Did…

It’s Friday, which means that we’ve got another video from the Scruffy Mutt Archive.

This weeks video is an experimental short film. Now experimental films are not everyone’s cup of tea. I completely understand why too. They border between the outright weird and utterly pretentious at times. This short is probably no different to some people. Long and short of it, I had to make it as that was the Uni module goal. But, once I’d dug a little deeper into the genre of experimental film I found myself warming to it.

It has a colourful history going back to the aftermath of the First World War. It was a social movement above all else. Many people were at a loss to understand how things like art and culture had a place in the world when we were capable of so much destruction and death. This lead to the Dada movement, which its basic foundation is to take something, destroy it and make something new out of it. At least that’s how I took it to mean. For example a poet may take a news paper article, rip it up, place the bits in a bag then draw them at random to make a poem out of the shreds.

There is a lot more to the genre than that, but this isn’t a history lesson (although if you’d like some content on this type of thing do drop me a line and I may do something). The ideas of Dada and painters such as Jackson Pollock were the inspiration for this film. It has a theme of change and transformation (The bit with the feet then the car is a representation of change from people walking to inventing cars for example).




[Factual Production] Doncaster 1914-18 Promotional Video

This weeks video is another video I did for University but it was also done for a very special project based in Doncaster. As part of the module I had to work with a client to make a factual video, in this case it was a promotional video for Project Doncaster 1914-18. The Project was launched as part of remembrance of the contribution of Doncaster and its surrounding boroughs during the First World War. The video more or less explains what it does and why, so without further ado…


[VFX Short] Project: Incy Wincy

This short film was made for my visual effects module. It’s a parody of a YouTube Gamer video and also a poke a the sheer amount of really bad, unfinished video games that are released. For the video I created a simple premise and then added the effects from their. The idea for the games itself was based on Games like Super Mario and Sonic.

[Experimental Short] The Camera Test Film

The Camera Test Film marks a significant step in my road to becoming a filmmaker for two reasons. The first reason is that it’s the first film I shot on my first DSLR camera. It was a gift from my Dad who got it for me so I could make better quality films. The camera was a Canon 700D, it came with a voucher for a lens too so I bought a 50mm Prime. I still have and use both now. To learn the basics I decided to capture some footage in the garden of my old home. Which leads me to the second reason.

Although the footage was meant to be a test of the camera and some editing software that was free, it became something more. These random bits of film were turned into a short film that represented the seasons. This is where I began my interest in capturing bits of random footage because it was just nice to look at and stick it together to make something from those unrelated sequences. I later learned this was know as Experimental Filmmaking.



[Short Film] Se7en in 60 seconds

Week 2 of the relaunch retrospective is the first film I ever made. I’d dabbled in making gaming videos before under the alias of Captain Jack Gumption (A channel that is still live to this day) but never written a script, used a proper video camera (the mighty Canon XM2) or anything to do with live action film.

The film was made for a College Project, the brief was to create a film that followed the guide lines for theĀ  Jameson Empire Done in 60 seconds competition. With that I created a 60 second version of Se7en. This film very rarely gets shown anywhere. Mainly because of my woeful acting (and questionable moustache). I’d like to thank everyone who I worked with on this. Pretty much all of my college cohort such as Jess, Dan, Reece and the rest of them. I’d also like to thank my tutors too, Dean Ayres and Oliver Reeve.

Without further ado here is Se7en: Done in 60 seconds

[DOCUMENTARY] Road Trip – One Man’s Dream (2016)



Road Trip – One Man’s Dream is a Documentary I made in my second year for my degree course. It explains the reasons of why I decided to fulfil my life long ambition to go travelling and some of the complications I hit along the way.