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On this page you can find links to reviews of projects I’ve been involved in and also see what clients have said about me and Scruffy Mutt Productions:

I have had the pleasure of working with Jack Andrew George Watling and I can state with confidence that he is a motivated and responsible person with a tremendous sense of drive and ambition. He would be a true credit to any production as a director or a cinematographer. Jack is superb on the technological elements that are involved in the film making process and he will generate terrific vision for stories and other elements involved in a production. He is able to work with all team members to accomplish the final goal and has experience on short films, documentary and music video.I would be honoured to work with Jack again. I admire his passion and dedication and know he will bring all the qualities that are needed as a film maker to any production. Sincerely, Dean Sills.

Behind the scenes with Ross and Jack on The Railway Carriage

Me (Near Right), Ross Adgar (Near Left), Geri (Far Left) and David (Far Right) on location at Elsecar heritage Centre. (image courtesy of and Adgar Productions)


Dean Sills is an Actor and altogether stand up guy. I recently worked with him and Ross Adgar (also another stand up guy) of Adgar Productions on a short film called the Railway Carriage. I was the Director of Photography on this one and so far its had some glowing reviews.  Links below will send you to see more about Dean, Adgar Productions and some of the reviews so far:

Splats of Blood Review

Slaughtered Bird Review

An interview with the main man Dean Sills

Adgar Productions YouTube Channel with more of his work





I have worked with Jack in several films ranging from: promotional videos, Experimental films and shorts. Throughout Jack has been professional and willing to do a wide range of skills required in often difficult shoots. He has attended all my shoots on time and is often the last person to leave or the first to arrive. He has a drive to create perfection that is shown in his attitude, attention to detail and the effort he takes when either dressing a set or being a cameraman. I would love to work with him gain and would in turn recommend Jack to anyone who is looking for a great crew member.- From Ross Adgar of Adgar Productions


I’ve worked with Ross on a number of occasions. One of the most recent films I worked on with him is the Railway Carriage which you can find out more from the above links. If you want to find out more about Ross and what he does you can visit his site here; Adgar Productions


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