University Work, House Move and Other Goings On

Its a busy time for me and the Mutt. I have a number of University projects happening such as an experimental film, a promotional video and a short film this semester as well as a bunch of theory based stuff on genre. I’m also moving house.

Last April I moved back into my dads so I could save some money etc. but now its time to get back out into the big old world of independence (Well co-dependence as I’ll be moving in with the lovely Miss Mutt). Although it means I’ve had to side track a couple of my own projects due to time restrictions, when we’re finally in it will present me with a whole new avenue of things I can do. The house has a lot of room which means I can have my own dedicated office for all my pre-production and editing needs and a workshop outside for all my making things needs, a massive change to say at the moment all of the above has been combined into a small bedroom.

In other news I have got a rough cut of the first episode of my Europe trip. It was a hard choice to decide to make it into episodes but because of the sheer amount of footage I think it will work best this way. The plan is to have each episode 10-15 minutes in length and no more than 10 episodes. Episode one shows the journey me and Miss Mutt took to Paris from home. Even though it needs a little polish I think it really captures the feeling of those few days we had together in such a beautiful city.

That’s all for now, hopefully come December I’ll be able to post something more substantial rather than another update post (No promises though).


Boss Mutt


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, which sort of makes me a feel like a naughty school boy hasn’t done his homework.

I’ll post more on why soon but the long and short of it is I’m currently in the pre-production stages for a 10 minute short film and a promo video.

More when I can tell y’all!

Just a Quickie…

One of the projects I’ve been working on recently is a 5 minute horror short called Hidden Within. Although I can’t show the finished article just yet I can share the poster which I’ve just finished. (I know, great aint I)

For this one I did a lot of the sound work, lighting and I was the design manager. It wasn’t an easy project and its got a few issues to say the least but hey, making movies can’t always be simple or everyone would be doing it. It’s also worth mentioning that the film will have two versions, an edit by myself and an edit by Stephen Harrington. Steve was the Director of Photography on this one, the guy in charge of the camera on this one .

It was great working with Leanne and Nathan who starred in the film and Jade who is an exceptionally talented make up artist. These Guys and Gals were great and made for one brilliant shoot.

My version of the film will be released in a couple of weeks so keep checking back to see the finished article.


Hidden Within Poster

So very Busy

Over the last few weeks I’ve been finishing off the my assignments for University which has caused this site to go a little towards the back burner. As I only have a couple left to do I thought I’d do a few updates.

My main focus at the moment is getting some pictures and logos made up for the site to make it look nice. I’ve decide on this theme for the moment but I’ll probably change my mind about that sometime soon and I’ve gone social media mad.

Not being a terribly sociable person when it comes to the internets I feel I’ve made big steps, I’ve linked everything up to the site so if you want to follow me on this fun-filled journey you can. I’ll be doing my best to update everything on a regular basis.

I’ve also been trying to acquire as much gear as I possibly can such as sound recorders, action cameras and the like for a project I intend to embark on over summer, more on this will follow at a later date!

I’m also thinking about doing reviews on said gear so keep your eyes focused on the video library part for that,

As you can see the content is a little thin at the moment but I am in the process of making more soon.

Thanks for reading

Boss Mutt