The Railway Carriage

It is with great pride and exuberance (and that’s a big word) that I can announce that Ross Adgar’s (of Adgar Productions) film The Railway Carriage has been accepted into the Nightpiece Film Festival which is part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

This is a great feat in its own right because to have any piece of work accepted into any festival is a testament to the perseverance and drive of the writer, director (which in this case are both Ross) and the team of people involved with making a film a realisation. I’ve been told that 1991 films from over 99 countries were submitted to the Nightpiece Festival. The festival only has enough room for approximately 70-100 films to be shown so to say Adgar Productions The Railway Carriage is a good film would be a big understatement.


It also means good things for Scruffy Mutt and yours truly too as I was the Director of Photography for the Film. But of course this announcement wouldn’t be possible if Ross hadn’t written such a great script and if the leading man Mr. Dean Sills hadn’t worked so hard in promoting the film.

All in all, it’s a good day to be able to make films with such creative people who have so much passion and drive in what they do.

Just a Quickie…

One of the projects I’ve been working on recently is a 5 minute horror short called Hidden Within. Although I can’t show the finished article just yet I can share the poster which I’ve just finished. (I know, great aint I)

For this one I did a lot of the sound work, lighting and I was the design manager. It wasn’t an easy project and its got a few issues to say the least but hey, making movies can’t always be simple or everyone would be doing it. It’s also worth mentioning that the film will have two versions, an edit by myself and an edit by Stephen Harrington. Steve was the Director of Photography on this one, the guy in charge of the camera on this one .

It was great working with Leanne and Nathan who starred in the film and Jade who is an exceptionally talented make up artist. These Guys and Gals were great and made for one brilliant shoot.

My version of the film will be released in a couple of weeks so keep checking back to see the finished article.


Hidden Within Poster