[Music Video] The Process

In this weeks video I’m showing another first year Uni project. This was the first project I did at Uni. It’s a music video about a eccentric film-maker who is trying to make it big in the industry. The music is by the very talented Daniel Potts who created us a very unique sounding piece.


Road to Relaunch DevBlog #2

I was a little late getting this one up due to some technical issues. Still, better late than never. Here’s this/last weeks DevBlog.

Changes Made

  • Patreon: Patreon has been set up and Launched. I did a post on it so you can read up on the how and the why here.
  • Patreon Widget: I’ve added a widget to Scruffy Mutt & Alchemy  so people can easily access the Patreon page from anywhere on the site.  Its the Orange button that says “support on Patreon”
  • Widgets Removed: I’ve removed some widgets that are no longer needed or weren’t needed in the first place. Comments, meta and a few others are now gone. This helps streamline the site.
  • Stock Images: I’ve created a set of new stock images to go with the new site branding. These will replace older images and be used for generic posts such as the devblog and posts of that nature.
  • RTR Videos: All the Road to Relaunch videos are now uploaded to YouTube and are scheduled to be released. They’ll come out every Friday.
  • Background Colour: The Background colour has been changed to white. This was done to make the site easier to read for anyone with reading issues (Such as Dyslexia).
  • Sidebar Colour: Now white as per the reasons for the Background colour.
  • Text Colour: All the text should now be black. This again is so most people should be able to read it without issue. I had a problem with the heading text being white but that should be resolved now.
  • Header Image: I’ve decided to keep it darker for now.
  • Tutorials: All the Tutorials have been taken down off of this site and are being redone to be put up on Alchemy. They are more fitting with the type of content that is being put up on that site.

Changes to Implement

  • Social Media: The branding for the most part is now done. Some pages like Google and some of the lesser used social media outlets need updating
  • Vimeo: Still looking into if its worth setting up at this time.
  • Daily Motion: Still need to set this account up.
  • RTG Videos: I have still have to write all the articles that go with the road to relaunch videos.


Patreon Scheduling: As a Patreon, one f the rewards is you can get videos early. Due to the way YouTube works I can’t leave a video Unlisted and make it Scheduled. Also if its unlisted it can be shared anyway so kinda defeats the point of it being exclusive for one set of people. Looking into how to sort this.


University Work, House Move and Other Goings On

Its a busy time for me and the Mutt. I have a number of University projects happening such as an experimental film, a promotional video and a short film this semester as well as a bunch of theory based stuff on genre. I’m also moving house.

Last April I moved back into my dads so I could save some money etc. but now its time to get back out into the big old world of independence (Well co-dependence as I’ll be moving in with the lovely Miss Mutt). Although it means I’ve had to side track a couple of my own projects due to time restrictions, when we’re finally in it will present me with a whole new avenue of things I can do. The house has a lot of room which means I can have my own dedicated office for all my pre-production and editing needs and a workshop outside for all my making things needs, a massive change to say at the moment all of the above has been combined into a small bedroom.

In other news I have got a rough cut of the first episode of my Europe trip. It was a hard choice to decide to make it into episodes but because of the sheer amount of footage I think it will work best this way. The plan is to have each episode 10-15 minutes in length and no more than 10 episodes. Episode one shows the journey me and Miss Mutt took to Paris from home. Even though it needs a little polish I think it really captures the feeling of those few days we had together in such a beautiful city.

That’s all for now, hopefully come December I’ll be able to post something more substantial rather than another update post (No promises though).


Boss Mutt


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, which sort of makes me a feel like a naughty school boy hasn’t done his homework.

I’ll post more on why soon but the long and short of it is I’m currently in the pre-production stages for a 10 minute short film and a promo video.

More when I can tell y’all!

The Great European Road Trip

This week has been a busy one. Mainly because I’ve been finalising the details for my road trip around Europe and partly because we’ve been promoting Adgar Productions The Railway Carriage (Click for the previous post on this!).

To put things into a little context, this is something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. Inspired by documentaries such as The Long Way Round (2004) & The Long Way Down (2007), books by Bernard Cornwell & Ted Simon’s Jupiter’s Travels and of course not forgetting the exploits of Clarckson, Hammond and May in their adventures with Top Gear (and a million other things down to the guy who walked across Australia dressed as a Storm Trooper and the awesomely hilarious Mongul Rally)  I’ve always thirsted to do something similar and I feel now is the time to do it. It also marks the first of Scruffy Mutt Productions solo projects as the majority of the trip will be filmed!

The plan is to take my 11 year old MK 4 Vauxhall Astra around Europe and see some sites. Starting in France me and Miss Mutt will stop off at Rouen for a spot of dinner and then drive to Paris for a four day holiday. She’ll then fly home and I’ll continue south to begin (judging my car and I survive the fabled Paris ring road) the  journey under my own steam.

The First Leg

From Paris I’ll travel to Le Mans, home to the Le Man 24 hour endurance race and the pretext for one of my favourite films, the late Steve Mcqueen’s 1971 spectacular Le Mans. Then I’ll make my way to Poitiers for a quick pit stop before stopping for the night at a camp site near Gueret.

From the camp site I’ll make my way towards the Swiss Border. Stopping off at another camp site near Dortan where again I’ll hopefully set up camp and have a relax before making the final journey of the first leg Oberwald in Switzerland.

The Second Leg

Possibly the most anticipated part of the journey and the whole reason that the journey will go through so many countries. The Furka Pass. The Furka Pass is a stretch of road that’s high up in the Swiss Alps its also where the car chase between a spiffing DB5 and a All American Mustang took place in the James Bond film Goldfinger (1964). I’ll take the pass towards a place called Davos (Yes, because Game of Thrones) have a little rest then onwards to another camp site in Ötztal Bahnhof, Austria where I will have a good sleep before going onto my next destination.

Now that I’ll be in Austria its time to do some proper tourist style stuff. I bought a book a while ago about Austria called the AA Pocket guide to Austria. In the book its got the top ten sites to see while in the country and so I’ve used this as a basis for my journey in Austria. It also happens that the top 4 places are on the route I was going to use to get to Germany (Sort of) so figured why not go to them. The first place and number four on the list is HoHe Tauren. Apparently its the largest National Park in Europe so if nothing else it’ll be good for pictures.

Next up, number 2. Eisriesenwelt. I’m already impressed with the name although I have no idea how to pronounce it. as well as a picture of a big castle its also know as “World of the Ice Giants” according to the book on how native Austrians describe one of the largest networks of ice caves on the Earth (That’s like the whole planet and everything).

Then its onto number three Halstatt, back in the 19th Century this was known as “the loveliest lakeside village in the world” although it doesn’t mention who said that so it could be some Ye Olde advertising ploy. That aside I’ll most likely try and pitch my tent somewhere in the vicinity before heading to the Number One hot spot.

Durnstein. Apparently this is home to some romantic castle ruins (Great selling point for one man and his car in a tent) and some good photo opportunities. Its also where Richard the Lionheart was held captive by the Austrian Duke Leopold.

The Third and Final Leg

From Durstein I’ll be making my final trip. Firstly making my way to Hamburg (Stopping off along the way for food and sleep) to meet my Dad and then up to Kiel to see a preserved German U Boat.

Then its back to Calais via Holland and Belgium. Taking in some sites as we go. I’ve deliberately left this part mostly unplanned to give me a chance to have a look around and take it easy after so much driving.

So that’s folks. The trip in a nut shell. Me, my car, some of my family and the open road.